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Welcome to Start.up! Germany Tour 2024, where innovation and opportunity unite! We bring entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors together to explore Germany's dynamic start-up scene, empowering with connections, knowledge, and resources. Join our journey, where innovation knows no bounds. Kindle your entrepreneurial spirit with Start.up! Germany Tour!
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Bridging Startup Opportunities: The Role of the AHK Greater China in the Chinese Startup Ecosystem

Dear startup Community, we are excited to explore the insights from our recent interview with Christoph Hering, Director Innovation Center at AHK Greater China. He sheds light on the vibrant Chinese startup ecosystem and its attractions for German companies while also highlighting the considerable interest of Chinese startups in the German market. Christoph Hering at […]
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Start-up Germany Tour 2024: The partnership between VAHLE and ELONROAD

The Start-up Germany Tour (SUGT) is a unique platform that brings together established companies and emerging start-ups to foster innovation and forge partnerships. This year, we are particularly excited about the inspiring success story of the collaboration between VAHLE and ELONROAD, which began at SUGT 2021 and continues to this day. The VAHLE Group is […]
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Fueling innovation through synergies: How corporates benefit from collaborating with startups

The Start.up! Germany Tour presents a unique and invaluable opportunity for startups by providing a platform to connect with potential partners and investors. On the flip side, it also offers established corporations the chance to learn from, exchange ideas with, and network within the vibrant startup scene. Such synergies are also harnessed by Evonik, a […]
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NRW - Life science

NRW is located in the middle of Europe and is the most populous and one of the most densely populated of the 16 federal states of Germany. The most important metropolitan area is the Rhine-Ruhr area with more than 10 million inhabitants. The cluster policy of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia promoted the cooperation […]
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NRW - The logistics hotspot in Germany

NRW is not only the most populous and economically strongest federal state in Germany, but also offers an excellent transport infrastructure that connects all major European markets. Whether by road, rail, water or air, NRW offers you optimal transportation options for your goods and services. As a center for innovation and digitalization in the logistics […]
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NRW – The place to be for Industry

The basis for the success of industry was already laid in Germany in the course of the Industrial Revolution in the coal-rich region of North Rhine-Westphalia. The economic success of that time has shaped NRW to this day. NRW as a region has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in the fields of […]
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Interview with Martina Susova - Sensoneo

It's that time of year again - the Start.up! Germany Tour is going into its next round, offering young companies from all over the world the opportunity to network with investors, network partners and potential customers from Germany. To give you an exclusive insight into the tour, we interviewed Martina Susova from Sensoneo, PR & Communication Manager, one of the start-ups that took part in our 2019 Start.up! Germany Tour.
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Interview with Silvia Braghini - AHK Italy

In todays interview we had the pleasure to talk with Mrs. Silvia Braghini from AHK Italy. She is Project Manager for Market & Business Development in Milan and shares with us her thoughts about Italian startup landscape and what part the AHK Italy is playinng in this ecosystem.
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The industrial revolution transformed Germany in the late 18th century from a predominately agrarian society into the economic powerhouse in Europe. The seed for this rapid metamorphosis was planted in the coal rich regions of the Ruhr and Rhine, modern North Rhine-Westphalia. Till this day, the landscape of NRW is dominated by its industrial history. Facing ever stiffer competition globally as well as further challenges, NRW is determined to revolutionize and vitalize its industry, actively placing itself at the forefront of technological innovation for industrial solutions.
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The industrialization introduced radical change to the world, its people and to the economy, mostly at the expense of the environment. Germany is no exception to this rule. However, the country is determined to embark on the transition to carbon neutrality till 2045, signaling that economic progress does not have to be at the environments expense. North Rhine-Westphalia, the cradle of Germany’s industrialization is vital to this process. Having greatly benefitted from its natural riches of coal and steel production, NRW has been the engine of Germany’s industrial progress and forms till this day Germany’s industrial core. Confronting its industrial heritage, NRW seeks innovative solutions in greening its economy while maintaining its prosperity.
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About the tour

Why join us

There are compelling reasons to be part of this tour. You'll gain firsthand knowledge of Germany's vibrant startup scene, expand your professional network, access opportunities for investment and partnership, and embark on a transformative entrepreneurial journey.
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Our mission

Our mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by connecting global entrepreneurs with Germany's startup ecosystem. We aim to foster cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange to drive forward the world of entrepreneurship.
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What to expect

When you join us, you can expect exciting visits to top startup hubs, engaging workshops with industry leaders, valuable networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs, and in-depth insights into cutting-edge technologies.
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Tour highlights

Our tour will feature visits to renowned startup incubators, inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs, exclusive access to innovative startups, and immersive cultural experiences that provide a well-rounded and enriching adventure.
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Our team

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. We are committed to facilitating your entrepreneurial growth, offering guidance, inspiration, and support throughout the tour.
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Past success stories

Delve into the inspiring success stories of past tour participants who have achieved remarkable milestones, including launching thriving startups, securing significant investments, and forging invaluable international partnerships. These success stories showcase the tangible impact of the tour on their entrepreneurial journeys, serving as living proof of the opportunities that await you as part of the Start.up! Germany Tour 2024.
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Grab all the information about the tour in our fact sheet as a PDF.

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Our International Network


What do our startup alumnis and partners say?
“Overall, it was very good. The Start.up! Germany Tour allowed us to do experience more companies from different sectors and that was I think for us the main objective in taking part. It was very positive. When we are talking about the final event in Germany, that was a 10 out of 10. On a personal experience, this was really enriching and for Pix Force from a corporate perspective it was really good. The result was as good as it could get. It was a worthwhile trip. Germany is the place to be. Germany is the hard land. Join Germany and you are everywhere in the world. And I think the tour made this crystal clear in terms of the challenges that exist and also a lot about the success cases that also existed with large companies. And how large companies, the government and the banks are helping out. It was worth every single moment. So, that’s why it is a 10 out of 10.”

Renato Gomes

Founder and president at Pix Force (Brazil), Winner of 1st place
“The Start.up! Germany Tour was a nice experience. We already had a lot of experience with these kinds of events. So, I would say that we have enough experience to know if it’s good or bad. The biggest thing what I took from the Start.up! Germany Tour was the Reverse Pitch, I really loved it. I loved this format of reversed pitches and the idea of presenting us the local environment. The Start.up! Germany Tour was really inspiring, and I really felt comfortable with the people around like the organizers, corporates and the other startups. So, it was a nice experience.”

Camil Moldoveanu

Co-Founder & CEO at Re.flex (Romania), winner of 2nd place
“It’s a good way for every startup that wants to raise awareness about its product or idea. It’s valuable to take part in the tour because the outcome you get could be more than you count on. For us, it was exactly the reason why we participated. When we had our first pitch, I was impressed by the scale and quality of the tour, the level of the jury. For us, the Start.up! Germany Tour was a great experience in terms of pitching to different audiences. It helped us gain many insights because we received feedback from a large number of different companies and institutions. That was really valuable and relevant for us, a great addition to winning the third place.”

Vitaly Chukanov

CEO at Ant Machines (Slovakia), winner of 3rd place
NRW does not only need national innovations and startups, but should also become the hotspot for international startups, especially in the B2B sector. The Start.up! Germany Tour has made it possible for many years now to attract suitable international startups from all over the world to the economy in NRW through a qualified process. In recent years, the tour has established itself as a lighthouse project for NRW with an impact for the whole of Germany. As xdeck, we are happy to remain a partner of the tour.

Dr. Markus Gick

co-managing director at xdeck
The core industries in NRW rely on a strong logistics backbone. Startups develop new approaches along the supply chain and help to maintain Germany’s position as a logistics champion. Therefore at startport we focus on matching corporates with promising logistics startups. The Start.up! Germany Tour is a great opportunity for us, as it attracts each year promising international startups. As a result several Startups we met at the Start.up! Germany Tour successfully took part in our accelerator program!

Jan Herzogenrath

accelerator & partnership manager at startport
We have had very good experiences with the Startup Tour in the past. It was a very good and diverse selection of startups from many different countries. All participants had a high motivation and a good spirit. There were many intercultural and value-added conversations before and after the event with the startups. Above all, looking back, the physical event was an important factor to make the right connections right on the spot. The cooperation with Gideon Brothers is of course a very special and positive outcome for us.

Erik Wirsing

Vice President Global Innovation at DB Schenker
Vertical 1: LIFE SCIENCE
Vertical 2: Green Tech
Vertical 3: Industrial Solutions
If your startup is creating a bridge between biology, medicine, computer science, material sciences and mechanical engineering, then you might be a candidate to innovate the health system globally. From drug discovery via diagnostics up to securely personalized DiGa Apps all ideas are welcome!

Our focus sectors include:
- Biotech
- Medtech
- Chemistry 
- Digital health
... or other outstanding solutions in the field of Life Science that improve the health of people
The future is sustainable and green.
In order to solve the biggest challenges this global community is facing nowadays, Green Tech startups use a wide range of technologies, ideas and methodologies. With business models that sustainably have a positive impact on the planet, they focus on environment.

Our focus sectors include:
- Hydrogen and other alternative energy solutions
- Circular economy
- Green energy storage solutions
- Smart grid energy use optimization
- Smart farming (AgTech)
- Future mobility solutions
... and other outstanding solutions in the field of Green Tech that have a positive impact on the environment
Different industries need different solutions.
Worldwide the industry sector experiences an ongoing disruption of processes and markets. Startups play an important role by supporting it with agile and innovative approaches in order to make them stay or return to an effective economical and productive development. Are you ready for this challenge?

Our focus sectors include:
- Solutions for smart factory
- Artificial intelligence 
- IoT
- Cyber Security
- Datamining and data governance 
- Industrial logistics
- Digital supply chain management
 … and other outstanding solutions in the field of Industrial Solutions that optimize the industrial sector.

Why our Tour?!
Benefits for Startups.

North Rhine-Westphalia as one of the most dynamic Regions in Germany.
NRW has the highest amount of working force and the most innovative companies in Germany. The most driving locations are the Rhine-Ruhr-Area along the cities Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum and Dortmund.
Get new ideas and learn from practical insights.
The tour will give you a deep insight into North Rhine-Westphalian startup ecosystem. You will meet many local startups, incubators and accelerators for practical advice and networking on the tour.
Get in touch with other foreign startups and other AHKs.
Many AHKs come along with their startups to support them. There you can solidify your international business network.
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a project of IHK NRW (hosted by IHK Ruhr and IHK Düsseldorf), AHK and DIHK



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