Start-up Germany Tour 2024: The partnership between VAHLE and ELONROAD

Start-up Germany Tour 2024: The partnership between VAHLE and ELONROAD

The Start-up Germany Tour (SUGT) is a unique platform that brings together established companies and emerging start-ups to foster innovation and forge partnerships. This year, we are particularly excited about the inspiring success story of the collaboration between VAHLE and ELONROAD, which began at SUGT 2021 and continues to this day.

The VAHLE Group is a leading global supplier of power, data transmission and automation systems for mobile industrial applications. With more than a century of experience and a team of more than 750 employees, VAHLE has established its products and services in 52 countries worldwide. The meeting between Vahle and ELONROAD at SUGT was a pivotal moment. To gain a deeper insight into the successful partnership between Vahle and ELONROAD, we spoke to Jaroslaw Warzecha, Operations Manager Systems Business at VAHLE.

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Why did you attend the SUGT as a spectator?

"Originally, we were looking for new ideas and innovative approaches for our products and services in 2019. The SUGT seemed to be the ideal platform to network with the emerging startup scene and find potential cooperation partners. After our first participation we continued every year."

Why are you interested in (international) start-ups?

"International start-ups often bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions that are of great value to our industry. Their agility and creativity can help challenge traditional approaches and show new ways forward.”

How did you get to know ELONROAD - what was so exciting about this start-up for you?

"ELONROAD immediately caught our attention at SUGT, 2021. Their vision of equipping roads with intelligent conductor rails for electrification perfectly matched our interest in innovative energy systems. Their concept was not only technologically fascinating, but also promised to offer a sustainable solution for the mobility of the future.”

What have been the subsequent joint activities? Where are the points of contact?

"After our first meeting at SUGT, we undertook numerous activities with ELONROAD. From visits to Sweden to joint appearances at exhibitions, we have worked intensively together to develop innovative solutions and shape the future of mobility. The main points of contact have been our common interest in sustainable technologies and the electrification of transport routes.”

What's next for your joint story?

"We are currently working on an exciting project that will bring our shared visions to life. Details will be announced soon, but we can already say that it will be another important milestone in our cooperation.”

The story of VAHLE and ELONROAD is an inspiring example of how the Start-up Germany Tour brings companies and startups together to shape the future. We would like to thank Jaroslaw Warzecha for his insights into the fascinating development of the partnership between VAHLE and ELONROAD. Their collaboration is a shining example of how the SUGT brings companies and start-ups together to shape the future. We encourage other companies to join the Startup Germany Tour 2024 and take advantage of the opportunities that cooperation with startups offers.

Learn more about ELONROAD

Since the first electrical vehicles entered the market more than a decade ago, the question on everyone’s minds has been – ”How far can you drive?” Batteries are expensive and take up a lot of space. Batteries, costly yet pivotal, create a barrier to widespread adoption. At Elonroad, we're determined to change this narrative.

In the heart of innovation, inspiration often strikes unexpectedly. For our founder, Dan Zethraeus, that moment of insight came on a snow-laden road. A radical idea crystallized as slush accumulated between the wheels: "Could we charge electric vehicles differently?" Armed with a basic understanding of electrical engineering and boundless imagination, Dan embarked on a journey redefining transportation as we know it.
"It got me thinking," recalls Dan, his eyes alight with passion. "Perhaps you could build a rail there to conduct electricity under my car?" With a handful of Lego bricks and a mind buzzing with possibilities, he created the first prototype.

At that moment, our electric road system was born, transcending the limitations of conventional charging stations.

Our story is not just about wires and circuits; it's about inspiring change.

Learn more about the VAHLE Group

The VAHLE Group develops high-quality energy, data transmission and automation systems that are used in mobile industrial applications worldwide. Quality, dynamism, innovation and passion are the cornerstones of our actions. In 1912, Paul Vahle launched the first copper conductor rail on the market, laying the foundation for a company that today has over 750 employees and offers its products and services in 52 countries worldwide. In addition to our headquarters in Kamen, with production and development facilities, we develop new automation solutions at our competence center in Schwoich (Austria). Our portfolio includes products from the fields of energy transmission, data communication, positioning and control. Our flexible solutions are primarily aimed at customers in the automotive, intralogistics, port technology and crane technology sectors.

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