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Since 2010

MedApp S.A.

MedApp develops unique software solutions to support next-generation diagnostic imaging and digital medicine services based on artificial intelligence, mixed reality and 3D imaging solutions. The key technologies offered by MedApp are: 1.CarnaLife Holo - a certified innovative technology that supports the planning and execution of complex medical procedures. With the help of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 goggles, the doctor sees in real space a 3D hologram that reflects the imaged anatomical area. The physician is free to interact with the displayed hologram. The system is now present in 18 medical facilities, and has been used more than 100 medical procedures of various specialties. 2.CarnaLife System - an advanced telemedicine platform for remote health monitoring and diagnostic. The system is supported by more than 20 remote measurement devices. Examination results are analyzed 24/7 using AI algorithms and Big Data analytics. The system has been implemented in 16 medical facilities.

Since 2018

Orixe AS

Orixe helps business deliver on the Supply Chain Act and to get a more sustainable supply chain.
We deliver a blockchain based SaaS platform that ensures transparency and accountability by empowering businesses to be in better control of their supply chain.
Our platform combines database and blockchain technology, to provide a solution that automates and simplifies the auditing of suppliers and allows for secure and efficient tracking of components and goods throughout the supply chain. It ensures 100% data integrity and work as an insurance against false certification and counterfeit parts.
We give companies the opportunity to let their code of conduct and sustainability demand flow down in their supply chain and get better control of the production and procurement processes in their supply chains.

Since 2019


WareTeka is a digital logistics provider, aiming to reduce the amount of empty space for logistics companies and SMEs as an opportunity to receive high-quality logistics services.

From what we realised through our close work with logistic companies - their main problems are unloaded infrastructure and operational errors in planning and order processing.

WareTeka is a platform that helps a business to quickly find a logistics partner at the best price in the right region, and optimize the work of managing orders for the transportation and storage of goods.

Since 2019

Green Tech Led

Development of an intelligent control system for LED irradiators in greenhouses to improve the energy efficiency of the electric supplementary lighting system and the environmental friendliness of growing plants in greenhouses.
Achieving higher yields and environmental friendliness of vegetable and green crops using technical support for intelligent control of the level of LED optical irradiation of the leaf surface of plants in the greenhouse, taking into account environmental factors and maintaining their active development in real time

Since 2016

Mech-Mind Robotics GmbH

Aiming at putting intelligence into industrial robots, Mech-Mind was founded in October 2016. We are based in Beijing (R&D) and Shanghai (Sales and Deployment), and have an office in Shenzhen and a branch in Germering, Germany.

Mech-Mind Robotics offers complete innovative solution packages in the field of 3D-Vision and AI-based industrial robot applications, e.g. bin-picking, machine tending, palletizing and depalletizing for randomly stored parts.

The company has already deployed intelligent industrial robot solutions in automobile plants, appliance plants, steel plants, food plants, logistic warehouses, banks and hospitals, etc. Applications include depalletizing, palletizing, bin-picking, machine tending, assembly, gluing and locating, etc.

Since 2017
United States (US)


Eusoh™ is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model that allows groups of “members” to form for the purpose of pooling any short-tail loss. Utilizing patent-pending technology, and a unique and dependable legal/regulatory structure, members fund losses retrospectively. By replacing the prospective funding model utilized by the insurance industry, we offer Eusoh members no less than a 35% pricing advantage. Investors/partners have the opportunity to participate in the first true disruption in a $5.5 trillion industry, and with the scalability advantages only a technology platform can offer. And, we are the first risk-pooling structure not requiring surplus support. Having proved the model with our Pet Product, we are seeking funding and partners for expanding our offering.

Since 2018


EDUBAO is a digitally-driven service provider aimed at covering all the needs of young people wishing to study abroad. Its end-to-end advice, services and support include a straightforward, mobile-friendly app that guides the user through the entire process – from selecting the ideal form of education and school to checklists of actions required. The app remains the student’s companion while abroad, offering practical help in day-to-day life along with social media and messaging functions. The package includes visa application support, setup of a block account, health insurance and more financial solutions. By offering an extensive and growing array of attractive services, we maximize the value of each user relationship on lifelong basis. Our initial focus is on the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region, but we plan to scale up operations to cover all geographies worldwide where there is strong interest in studying abroad.

Since 2012

Haltian Oy

Haltian Empathic Building focuses on improving employee well-being and happiness. It is a complete and end-to-end smart office solution that combines technology, culture, and physical space into one. It makes the everyday tasks of the end-user easier and simpler, helping them to find the right workspace, colleagues, share information and voice their feelings. Empathic Building also provides valuable data on space utilization, air quality, employee satisfaction and more.

Since 2019
Hong Kong

esix limited

eSix builds a unified technology that serves as a super connector between 5G and SmartCity applications.Its patented technology eliminates obstacles of various complex legacy applications,no matter it is from fixed-line, WIFI, private/public mobile networks. Success cases are Tianjin&Yantian port unmanned truck remote control;Toyota&Maotai production line automation. It enables many areas, like self-driving cars, traffic-light,AGV .eSix's patented technology supports any on-demand of L2/L3 protocol on 5G,bandwidth aggregation of multiple different operators, multi-channel redundancy and millisecond-level automatic healing of signal failures. eSix overcomes challenge that legacy technology such as IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, SSL-VPN,that are not able to achieve. e.g, 10s or few minutes in the above technology. It allows gaining control of existing remote machines through a public network (5G) instantly, providing a non-stop network connection.

Since 2018
Hong Kong

UrbanChain Group Limited

Parkingbnb is an AI-driven IoT platform of smart parking, retail and mobility solutions connecting drivers, property owners and car/retail service providers in one ecosystem.
Parkingbnb app is the world’s first “super-app” for drivers.