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The International Startup Pool 2022

Here you can find a list of startups that are participating this year. Just scroll through the list or select the startups by country and verticals. HINT: This list is preliminary and not final yet. This will be continiously updated.
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Since 2017

ACOT Systems

The UN predicts that the number of forest fires will rise by 50% by the end of the century and by 30% by 2050. Because of this, our team is creating the most comprehensive platform available anywhere in the world to enhance the identification and control of these events.

Firecatch is a web application designed specifically for detecting, warning, and managing forest fires. It can locate and identify smoke columns in the early stages using the live view from surveillance cameras used for this purpose, as well as alert users in charge of containing and putting out the fire.

Today our team is in the final stages of developing new features that will help improve extinction efforts, thanks to artificial intelligence: detection and monitoring of forest fires using near real-time satellite images, and a propagation simulator to forecast the behavior of these fires in real-time.

Since 2018

Aeriu Smart Solutions Kft.

Aeriu is a drone software company that helps companies with warehouses speed up and reduce costs in their inventory management. Aeriu’s solution can replace at least half of your workforce and forklifts with drones to operate your inventory management. The solution works with stock DJI drones, which can either be handled by your team or Aeriu’s drone pilots. The drones can automatically identify barcodes on pallets and uploads the data to Aeriu’s inventory management system, a system that was developed to easily meet your company policies and be integrated into your ERP system. The data stored in Aeriu’s inventory management system is a great source of information for reports, and any historical data can be fed into industry 4.0 solutions and machine learning. You can enjoy the benefits of Aeriu’s solution from day one. In fact, you only need a few days of on-site training to familiarize yourself with it.

Since 2019

Aeroff oy

The mission of Aeroff Oy is to re-define the concept of clean air in industrial environments.

Aeroff Oy is a story about persistency and the motivation to improve the working circumstances and conditions in metal machining. The story behind Aeroff started from an applied research project which was originated by a group of leading Finnish metal machining companies, to develop a solution for harmful aerosols originated from the metal working fluid. There were plenty of filters available in the market which could remove particles from oil mist, but harmful gaseous compounds were considered still as a problem in  metal machining. AerOff technology which solves this problem was invented.

The first AerOff solution for metal machining industry is based on this technology. We provide multiple benefits by catching and processing harmful aerosols directly from the source: healthy and comfortable working environment, more stable process conditions and cost savings through recycling.

Since 2020

Analytics & Monitoring

The "Analytics and Monitoring" team is the developer and integrator of the "ANMO" software and hardware complex, which includes a cloud-based digital industrial monitoring platform, as well as a set of software services and hardware for the basic digitalization of industrial enterprises and other sectors of the economy and the national economy with using industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies. "ANMO" is a unique engineering digital core for field-level tasks and providing data collection and analytics in order to control and optimize resource consumption.

Since 2022

APOLO Biotech

We design stabilized double-stranded RNAs as exogenous precursors for crop-specific defenses against pathogens (fungi, viruses and insects). Our technology allows the replacement of synthetic agrochemicals for pest control. RNA molecules are organic, innocuous and highly specific, offering solutions that are more respectful towards the environment and human health. Furthermore, exogenous RNAs are an OGM-free powerful approach that can modulate plant development, the accumulation of metabolites or the response to environmental stress.
A key feature in RNA-tech for crops is to develop efficient and cheap stabilizers. Together with our collaborators, we have obtained outstanding stabilizers derived from clays that are abundant and remarkably cheap in Argentina. We are now setting new bounds with major international suppliers of RNA-related reagents. Altogether, we are highly enthusiastic about the possibility of offering tailored solutions at a very competitive international price.

Since 2014

BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouses

"The greenhouse, reinvented.”

We develop, engineer, and build Energy Saving Greenhouses. We offer our customers a Controlled Climate-As-A-Solution: 80% less energy, a 30% higher yield and zero operational carbon emissions.

When climate, weather or daylight requires it, soap bubbles fill the space between panes and boost insulation by 10 times. When insulation is no longer required, the bubbles are removed to permit maximum light transmissions and boost plant growth.
We optimize energy; we store heat during daytime, and cool and dry the greenhouse at the same time. This allows for very high CO2 levels for long periods, which increases plant photosynthesis and crop yield. Thanks to the low energy loss, we can use the stored energy to heat up the greenhouse at night. In addition, this allows us to run the greenhouse all-electric and carbon neutral using heat pumps.

A 25% reduction of their operational costs
A 30% yield increase
Zero operational carbon emissions

Since 2021


The next-generation carbon accounting platform.

Every Net-Zero journey starts with systematic carbon accounting. BeWo accurately measures your carbon emissions across scopes 1, 2 & 3. We have built in the industry’s best carbon emissions data points in our engine. Along the journey, we make sure that your company stays compliant, ready for advancements, and up to date with the latest requirements.

We want you to focus on making a positive environmental impact rather than spending time on busy work.

We have developed a sustainability platform that converts their business activities into CO2 Equivalents. The platform enables companies to comply with international standards such as GHG and the EU's new CSRD directive. Our solution reduces cost, automates data collection, and improves data quality in terms of benefits.

Since 2017


Biotek Petrol is a manufacturer and supplier of biotechnology and biochemical solutions for the elimination and/or reduction of waste that affect the environment, developing and using natural, non-polluting, and ecological products and processes. Biotek Petrol is 100% focused on restoring the natural balance of the environment for the different ecosystems of our planet that have been affected by external contaminants factors.

Since 2019


We create a construction 3D printer for printing with concrete. Our printer consists of a crawler chassis, a hydraulic lift and a 7-meter telescopic boom. Therefore, we will be able to erect buildings of unlimited dimensions in the plan, in parts, as bricklayers do it now. The maximum height is 5 meters (the height can be increased, the design of the lift allows it to be done). In this concept, several printers can build one building at the same time. Therefore, we create a printer control program as a platform for controlling various types of construction robots. As raw materials for construction, we use Portland cement, chemical additives and sand of natural moisture (sand that was brought directly from the quarry). This will significantly reduce the cost of the structurations.

Since 2021


Celsia has been nominated by AHK Norwegen. In 2020, the EU published the Taxonomy Regulation, requiring companies to disclose a sustainability score in their reporting. Since then, companies' traditional method of doing a Taxonomy assessment has been using spreadsheets. Starting with the EU Taxonomy, Celsia exists to make sustainability scoring simple, efficient, and accurate. Our vision is to contribute to the green shift by providing a SaaS for customers to score their sustainability and act accordingly. The Celsia-app is based on sustainability requirements for over 150 different economic activities defined by the Taxonomy. The user is guided through each step of a Taxonomy assessment, from structuring in reporting units, choosing activities, screening criteria, adding financial data and documentation. Through on-demand reporting and easy collaboration in the software, companies spare time and costs, avoiding monitoring legislative changes and expensive verification processes.