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The Grand Final


Join our grand final 
Within our #CHALLENGING phase, we selected among 37 startups from 37 different countries the 16 best startups from all around the world. These 16 winning startups are now finalists of THE GRAND FINAL and have to compete against each other in this exciting pitch competition. The Grand Final takes place in Dusseldorf on October 26 and will be streamed live digitally to follow this amazing final on screen.

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Grand Final Program


Words of welcome

  • Wulf-Christian Ehrich, Spokesman International Relations, IHK NRW / Deputy Chief Executive, Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Mona Neubaur, Minister of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Michael Stölting, Chairman of the Managing Board, NRW.BANK

Introduction of the jury

  • Dr. Kathrin Bischoff, Policy Advisor for Innovation Markets in Asia and North America at Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Eva Platz, General Manager International Trade Fairs at NRW.Global Business

  • Sebastian Hanny-Busch, Public funding and infrastructure for startups and sme (SME) in North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW.BANK

  • Iris Wilhelmi, Managing Director at DigitalHUB Aachen e. V.
  • Dirk Kanngiesser, International Tech Executive/Investor (US/Germany), Co-founder TU capital GmbH, Former Co-Founder and CEO of the German Accelerator

Pitch round 1



  • Aeroff oy from Finland

  • DeepX from Japan
  • DevisionX from Egypt

  • Flokzu from Uruguay

  • TEGnology Aps from Denmark


  • BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouses from the Netherlands
  • Celsia from Norway
  • Green Boom from the USA
  • Hydro X from Israel
  • N & E Innovations Pte Ltd from Singapore

Break //

Pitch round 2



  • Elonroad from Sweden
  • FreightAmigo Services Limited from Hong Kong
  • Innoship from Romania

InsurTech Startups

  • MinervaS s.r.l. from Italy
  • s2 data & algorithms from Austria
  • Senior Automation Co., Ltd. from China


  • Felix Neugart, CEO, NRW.Global Business

  • Frederic Maximilian Knaudt, Chief Executive Germany, Picnic

Winners ceremony

Who will win the grand final? // The first three places will receive a total of 15,000 Euros in Prize Money. // AN ADDITIONAL PRIZE OF 3,000 EUROS IS SPONSORED BY NRW.BANK.

with drinks and food

Moderated by Dominik Stute, Head of Unit Innovation, Industry, International Networks, Dortmund Chamber of Industry and Commerce

These startups have made it

The mission of Aeroff Oy is to re-define the concept of clean air in industrial environments.

Aeroff Oy is a story about persistency and the motivation to improve the working circumstances and conditions in metal machining. The story behind Aeroff started from an applied research project which was originated by a group of leading Finnish metal machining companies, to develop a solution for harmful aerosols originated from the metal working fluid. There were plenty of filters available in the market which could remove particles from oil mist, but harmful gaseous compounds were considered still as a problem in  metal machining. AerOff technology which solves this problem was invented.

The first AerOff solution for metal machining industry is based on this technology. We provide multiple benefits by catching and processing harmful aerosols directly from the source: healthy and comfortable working environment, more stable process conditions and cost savings through recycling.

"The greenhouse, reinvented.”

We develop, engineer, and build Energy Saving Greenhouses. We offer our customers a Controlled Climate-As-A-Solution: 80% less energy, a 30% higher yield and zero operational carbon emissions.

When climate, weather or daylight requires it, soap bubbles fill the space between panes and boost insulation by 10 times. When insulation is no longer required, the bubbles are removed to permit maximum light transmissions and boost plant growth.
We optimize energy; we store heat during daytime, and cool and dry the greenhouse at the same time. This allows for very high CO2 levels for long periods, which increases plant photosynthesis and crop yield. Thanks to the low energy loss, we can use the stored energy to heat up the greenhouse at night. In addition, this allows us to run the greenhouse all-electric and carbon neutral using heat pumps.

A 25% reduction of their operational costs
A 30% yield increase
Zero operational carbon emissions

Celsia has been nominated by AHK Norwegen. In 2020, the EU published the Taxonomy Regulation, requiring companies to disclose a sustainability score in their reporting. Since then, companies' traditional method of doing a Taxonomy assessment has been using spreadsheets. Starting with the EU Taxonomy, Celsia exists to make sustainability scoring simple, efficient, and accurate. Our vision is to contribute to the green shift by providing a SaaS for customers to score their sustainability and act accordingly. The Celsia-app is based on sustainability requirements for over 150 different economic activities defined by the Taxonomy. The user is guided through each step of a Taxonomy assessment, from structuring in reporting units, choosing activities, screening criteria, adding financial data and documentation. Through on-demand reporting and easy collaboration in the software, companies spare time and costs, avoiding monitoring legislative changes and expensive verification processes.

DeepX is a start-up from Japan. Our mission is "Automating Any Machine and Innovating Global Industries," and we are challenging the automation of various machinery with AI. We have approached especially heavy equipment, and our achievements are the followings.
・We have automated the crane operation of lifting a load from one arbitrary point to another with its unique cyber-physical fusion technology.
・We have achieved automation of dump loading for excavator under specific conditions and successfully transferred the technology to a caisson excavator.
Our feature from a technical perspective is developing the platform that can be applied to any machine or automation task, enabling highly efficient and reusable software.
As our prospect, automation of Lv. 3 and 4 for backhoe and caisson excavator are planned to be achieved within 3 years. Then we will work on expanding it to the next level and to other types of machines.

DevisionX is providing seamless AI-Vision for manufacturing in Zero Code!
Our No-code platform Tuba automates the machine learning process, makes it easy for non-techies to label & Train data (images), and builds ML models in Zero Code! With more flexibility in deployment & integrations.

Elonroad is a cable-free conductive charging system manufacturer changing the world of EV charging. With Elonroad’s technology it is estimated that a possible reduction of 7.66Mt CO2 emissions can be achieved by 2050 in the EU alone. The system consists of rails in the road and a pickup on the vehicle, charging batteries while driving and smart software control!
● Range happiness instead of range anxiety with continuous charging and no driver input necessary.
● Less space occupied by traditional charging stations; the streets, parking lots, or charging spaces are freed to be used for other useful purposes.
● Smaller batteries (up to 80% size reduction) as the charging capabilities are continuous.
● Much higher resource efficiency in battery production. Lower weight of vehicles (adding payload for commercial trucks and public transport)
● Increased uptime (30%) as charging occurs automatically. No need for charging depots.
● Non-disruptive workflow will increase the work efficiency.

Flokzu is a no-code cloud BPM SaaS platform that lets you automate even the most complex business processes on a simple drag-and-drop interface.
With Flokzu, you can take your company to the next level by creating an efficient, productive, and competitive organization.
The platform is 100% no-code, so you'll be able to develop and optimize complete processes without needing IT knowledge or an external consultancy team.
And because the platform is so easy-to-use, you'll be able to automate end-to-end processes and workflows in a matter of hours.
Flokzu has over 15,000 subscribing organizations on six continents and 65 countries.
Customer profile: SMB, Corporate, and Enterprise companies from the public and private sectors.
We have clients from all industries: Transport, Commerce, Education, Financial Services, Food, Health Services, Mining, Electrical Engineering, Oil & Gas, NGOs, etc.

FreightAmigo is a full-service, one-stop digital supply chain finance platform that helps organizations, enterprises, and individuals transform and redefine the way they experience logistics while fostering a unique TradeTech ecosystem. Recognized as a “first mover” and industry pioneer in Asia-Pacific, FreightAmigo combines artificial intelligence, big data, FreightTech, FinTech, InsurTech, and GreenTech together on one platform to accelerate logistics, information, and cash flow, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable logistics experience.

Today, the platform has a regional presence in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Singapore, with more to come in the future as the group continues to expand its footprint and ecosystem globally, creating a new path for businesses and individuals to grow and ship.

Until now, the only materials with the hydrophobic and oleophilic properties necessary to clean up oil spills were plastic based. The resulting vast amounts of oil-soaked plastics became a financial and environmental liability for the responsible parties. Green Boom has a process to make agricultural materials, cotton, and other natural fibers mimic the oil-only absorption of plastic sorbents. It is the only company to offer a family of USDA 100% Certified Biobased absorbents available as pillows, socks, booms and loose absorbents. Its innovative line of oil-only absorbents will protect watersheds and can be added to any safety spill kit. Made of durable natural materials, they are stronger, more absorbent and have greater heat resistance than traditional plastic-based absorbents. The addition of oil digesting microbes makes Green Boom a biodegradable, Leave No Trace solution to oil spills of every size on land or water.

Hydro X is an Israel-based startup which is reinventing hydrogen storage.
Hydro X has developed a disruptive hydrogen storage technology which enables to store and transport hydrogen in a green, non-explosive, non-flammable, non-toxic and energy efficient water-based carrier, unlocking the hydrogen economy.
The hydrogen economy is emerging, with investments of above 700 billion dollars already committed by 2030 and with significant progress being achieved in green hydrogen production technologies. Hydrogen storage remains a major challenge, the next frontier for the industry.

Innoship is changing the space of last-mile delivery orchestration platforms by using ML and rapid growth. The advanced machine-learning algorithms of the solution analyze the performance of different delivery options across the relevant geographic area and the retailer's delivery points to allocate delivery orders based on customized criteria and the approach set by each retailer, dramatically improving customer experience.

Currently Innoship platform optimize last mile orders for top retailers like Nespresso, Yves Rocher, Kärcher, OLX, Studio Moderna or Leroy Merlin, for national and regional deliveries.

MinervaS is the university spin-off that offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors for the reduction of CO2 and on-board energy management. The product of MinervaS can be customized for a vehicle with any propulsion (conventional, hybrid, electric, or fuel cells). MinervaS provides a suite of integrated solutions for smart & future mobility, from driving advisors (TruckY) to fleet management tools.
TruckY is the ADAS plug&play device capable of increasing the environmental sustainability of heavy-duty vehicles and offering economic advantages to their operators thanks to its patented method. TruckY offers a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 15% and the containment of the related polluting emissions, without increasing travel times and modifications to the vehicle. As you drive, TruckY processes information about road elevation, payload, speed limits, traffic conditions, and vehicle characteristics to manage the speed in the most efficient way.
N & E Innovations Pte Ltd has innovatively engineered a natural antimicrobial agent, Vikang99, that is non-toxic and certified to eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses. Derived from recycling edible fruit residue, the technology enables the creation of a circular economy and reduces carbon footprint. The Vikang99 technology has been incorporated into various range of products which include Vi- Mask which is a sustainably composed, re-usable, CE certified medical grade mask, naturally blended C2+ Hand Sanitizer that provides 24 hours long protection, C2+ All- Natural-All-Surface Disinfectant Spray that shields the surface for 7 days continuously from microbes, C2+ Long Term Antimicrobial Coating that can provide 6 months long residual activity against SARS CoV-2.
The Vikang99 technology can be incorporated into various other applications seeking antimicrobial properties.

We use our mathematical expertise to save transport day-by-day by using flexible planning algorithms. MasterScheduler was first developed for the Automotive industry to optimize supplier schedules with up to 30% savings on transportation cost by transforming material demands into transportation-optimized delivery schedules. By accurately modeling multi-level truck loading and smart routing decisions, the software solution optimally schedules 100%-volume/weight-loaded trucks on predefined full truck load and multi-stop routes. MasterScheduler effortlessly reduces transport costs and the CO2 footprint. It puts schedulers in the foreground, gives comprehensible decision support and automates or supports scheduling with optimized plans on a daily basis. The algorithm acts uniquely at an unprecedented level of detailedness on the tactical and operational level and convinces with its flexibly adaptable configuration.

Senior-Automation is the leader in the field of port driverless transportation in China, with its headquarters located in the core area of Zhongguancun in Beijing. It has received strong financial support from the most reputable companies and investment institutions, like Estar Capital, ByteDance, Gree Group, and Zhuhai SASAC. Based on the team's years of technical accumulation and iterative upgrades, Senior-Automation is recently working with strategic partners to expand the commercialization of electric heavy truck Hub-to-Hub autonomous driving and is expected to enter the European market in the second half of 2022

TEGnology was originally established in 2010 by researchers at Aarhus University but was a dormant company until late 2019, when Hao Yin bought out the other founders and make the technology commercially available to the market. In 2021 TEGnology took the strategic decision to enter the solution market based on thermal energy harvesting, with focus on digitalization of the process monitoring industry.
Along with increasing demands on process efficiency, lower CO2 footprint, safety assurance and life-cycle-tracking, the number of industrial wireless sensors is increasing significantly. TEGnology provides a sustainable power supply solution to these sensors at zero cost of ownership, a minimum environmental footprint, no compromise on battery lifetime, unlimited resources to send data and that allows you to position sensors in places not feasible for being supplied by a battery or cable connection. Enabling sustainable process optimization and cost saving.

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