Interview with Martina Susova - Sensoneo

Interview with Martina Susova - Sensoneo

Martina Susova
Martina Susova, Sensoneo

From the Start.up! Germany Tour to successful expansion - Sensoneo seizes the opportunity to be present in Germany

It's that time of year again - the Start.up! Germany Tour is going into its next round, offering young companies from all over the world the opportunity to network with investors, network partners and potential customers from Germany. To give you an exclusive insight into the tour, we interviewed Martina Susova from Sensoneo, PR & Communication Manager, one of the start-ups that took part in our 2019 Start.up! Germany Tour.

Martina, first of all, give us some insights about you and Sensoneo.

I got to know the start-up Sensoneo in 2019, when I accompanied them to the Start.up! Germany Tour 2019 as a representative of the German Chamber of Commerce (AHK). I was already convinced of the founding idea and was sure that the Start.up! Germany Tour was a unique opportunity for Sensoneo. When the founders Martin Basila and Andrea Basilova asked me this year if I would like to work for Sensoneo as PR and Communications Manager, I was immediately convinced.

At Sensoneo, we offer innovative waste management solutions and use state-of-the-art technology to help municipalities manage their waste more effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing their environmental impact. The first idea for Sensoneo came in 2014, when the founders developed the first prototype of a sensor and the software solution. Since then, we have reached many milestones and successfully implemented more than 500 projects in over 8 countries. Recently, we even received the "Energy Globe Award" for our innovative solutions in the field of waste management with our unique software system for deposit return systems. This is of course a special honor for us. We are also currently building the world's largest intelligent waste system, which will be commissioned in Madrid later this year.

Martin Basila and Andrea Basilova, Sensoneo

And now to the Start.up! Germany Tour and your participation in 2019. What was the background of your participation and what added value did the tour bring you?

Participating in the Start.up! Germany Tour was a great opportunity for Sensoneo to meet key stakeholders such as investors and potential customers and to market itself. As a young company, the tour provided us with an excellent opportunity to further expand our network in Germany. In this context, I would like to emphasize the B2B matchmaking, which brought us together with relevant stakeholders in the field of factory waste management. This also shows how intensively the IHK engages with its participants in the run-up to the event and invites relevant contacts in order to offer the start-ups real added value. In this way, we were able to lay the foundation for new partnerships and establish contacts with relevant multipliers in Germany. We are still in close contact with many of them and are excited to see what the future will bring!

Can you give us a brief outlook on your future plans?

We see a lot of potential in Germany and want to expand our presence. Especially to better serve our existing customers in Germany. The Start.up! Germany Tour has already given us the opportunity to look at some locations in NRW, and we now want to focus more on that. Of course, this also goes hand in hand with our goal of establishing ourselves as the leading provider of factory waste management in Germany. But we also have big plans on a global scale and want to continue to roll out our solutions for intelligent waste management.

Finally, a question that may be of interest to many of our readers. What advice would you give to other founders who want to participate in the Start.up! Germany Tour?

If you want to be more present in Germany as a founder, the Start.up! Germany Tour is definitely the way to go. The tour is an excellent opportunity to network with key stakeholders and build relationships that are very important for building a business. Long-term relationships and networks are especially important, and you can count on them when you need them. Founders should be open to the great opportunities the tour offers and see it as an opportunity to enter the market.

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