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We promote young companies

North Rhine-Westphalia has a creative, innovative and diverse start-up scene. As the federal state’s promotional bank, we ensure that every good business idea receives the right financing. We support classic company founders and young enterprises as well as technology-oriented, high-growth start-ups with promotional loans, venture capital and advice. In addition, founders benefit from NRW.BANK’s network of experts and investors. We are a strong partner in all foundation-related matters!
Photo: NRW.Bank/Erik Chmil

UVIS had the idea to desinfect the surfaces of escalator handrails bacteria and viruses even before the coronavirus pandemic.

The company was the first to benefit from NRW.BANK’s NRW.SeedCap programme.

About us

We stand for the promotion of progress and development in North Rhine-Westphalia - towards an ecologically and socially sustainable, digitally and structurally modernised economy and society. We support you - the people, companies and municipalities in NRW - on behalf of our owner, the State of NRW. We use a wide range of promotional tools for our clients: from low-interest promotional loans to equity financing and advisory services. We work with all banks and savings banks in NRW on a competition-neutral basis and also take into account existing offers from the federal government, the state and the European Union.

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Our financing and advisory services pave the way to success for founders and start-ups.
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