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1st september, 2.00 PM, CEST

Smart cities - sustainable centers of the future in Germany

Urban centers occupy less than two percent of the planet’s surface, but provide homes to half of the world’s population and generate 70 percent of global GDP. Germany is one of the most urban countries and plays an active part in shaping the cities of the future. Intelligent deployment of information and communication technologies is shaping how we life. Modern building technologies using smart devices regulate temperature, air and many other aspects of urban infrastructure. Germany’s smart city technology market offers great opportunities for foreign companies and start-ups alike. Join our webinar to learn about market entry, business potential and funding opportunities from our experts.
2.00 PM
Welcoming and Introduction
Germany Trade & Invest
Intro GTAI, German Economy & German Start-up Ecosystem
Germany Trade & Invest
2.15 PM
Spotlight Smart Cities in Germany
2.40 PM
Market Entry Germany
2.45 PM
Time for Q&A
Rob Compton, Germany Trade and Invest

Dennis Birkhoelzer, Digital Hub Leipzig

Jürgen Richter, Smart City Expert from NRW

Moderation: Germany Trade & Invest