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AUGUST 18, 2022 - 4.00 PM, CEST

Sales in germany

Successful selling of your products is absolutely vital for the success of your start-up. Selling is a top priority of any CEO or company founder. Participants will learn in this webinar the key success criterion of successful B2B selling in Germany, determining the economic decision maker early, how to shorten the sales cycle, how to increase the deal size and dealing with common obstacles.
4.00 PM
Welcoming and Introduction
Chamber of Industry and Commerce Dusseldorf
4.05 PM
Topics wil be among others
The key success criterion of successful B2B selling in Germany
Determining the economic decision maker early
How to shorten the sales cycle
How to increase the deal size
Dealing with common obstacles
In addition you will benefit from the open forum in which any question can be asked and will be answered.
4.45 pm
Time for Q&A
Alexander Nowroth
can look back on almost 15 years of international career in medium-sized and large companies, which has taken him to leading positions in Germany, South Africa and Australia. He combines his sales and management experience, his customer expertise and his intercultural background for the benefit of our customers by making their companies faster, more adaptable and more resilient.

Alexander publishes regularly nationally and internationally on various strategic topics. In addition, he is a guest lecturer as well as advisory board member at renowned international universities. His passion is to inspire people for a common goal and to be responsible for the implementation of solutions.
You can find more information about Alexander here: