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March 7, 2024 - 4.00 PM CET

How to pitch in germany (Digitally)?

Every startup ecosystem has its nuances, especially when it comes to communication styles across different cultures and countries. Our upcoming webinar is tailored specifically for startups looking to make their mark in Germany. We'll dive into the unique aspects of German business communication to ensure you're fully equipped for engaging with potential partners or investors in Germany.

Pitching in a foreign country?

An exciting challenge that we want to approach with you from different perspectives. From a founder who dared to take the big step from India to Germany, Keif Ali, you can firsthand experience the experiences he was able to gather in Germany. Julian Wessing, Senior Startup Program Manager at Innovation Hub BRYCK, who will share with you the challenges and solutions faced by many startups. Gain valuable insights from Ronja Stoffregen, Head of Global Startup Management at DB Schenker, a powerhouse in logistics, as he sheds light on what corporates look for in a pitch.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from experts!

Ihk Essen