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Here you can find a list of startups that are participating this year. Just scroll through the list or select the startups by country and verticals. HINT: This list is preliminary and not final yet. This will be continiously updated.
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Since 2014

Edison Ways

Edison Ways is a company founded in Montauban (France) in march 2014 by Jean-Jacques Carrillo. The company is developing a smart grid to help the home and building industry install a fault-tolerant, lighter and cheaper grid. We meet the urgent demand for ecologically compatible alternatives to the common network, as it is conditioned by the availability of electrical resources from energy suppliers. Moreover, copper, like aluminum, is the main raw material for electrical installations. These are strained resources whose demand is exploding, and which will disappear. Our solution, the I-DEAL GRID is a neural electrical network that is easier to install and requires five times less copper than other. Beyond the sustainable aspect, the I-Deal Grid is virtuous. Provided with an integrated intelligence in the system, new features that did not exist are now possible: the I-Deal Grid is entirely programmable and it is not necessary to modify the wiring. We provide tests, home automation ..

Since 2020


GoodFloow makes it 3x cheaper to use reusable industrial packaging than single-use cardboard. It does this by automating their tracking and management. Unlike its competitors, it does not geo-locate the packaging but provides the proof to identify the user responsible of each packaging 24/7, anywhere in Europe, without infrastructure (Gateway).
In order not to replace tons of CO2 with tons of e-waste due to end-of-life IoTs, GoodFloow IoTs have a longer lifespan than the packaging it equips. GoodFloow is a fully eco-designed product to ensure that its environmental impact is less than that of the solution it replaces, which is audited by ADEME.

Since 2017


iPaidThat is an all-in-one tool for the financial and accounting management of small and medium-sized businesses.
- Pre-accounting: The sources of invoices are numerous and tracking them can become a real challenge. The collection robots invented by iPaidThat automatically retrieve all invoices, reconcile them with bank transactions and transmit them to the accountant.
- Tréso by iPaidThat: After collecting financial data, iPaidThat offers to interpret them via a simple and intuitive treasury tool. Reliable financial reports for increased visibility.
- Business expenses management: With its mobile application, iPaidThat allows you to take pictures of them in order to get rid of them. They are then stored and filed automatically for faster refund management.
- Invoice Editor: Invoices are a storefront for businesses, with iPaidThat's invoice editor, creating custom invoices has never been easier.
- Payment:  iPaidThat provides a tool for paying invoices directly from the platform

Since 2021


Istya is a committed company that helps industry and real estate players meet current challenges regarding indoor air quality, by offering a complete, easy and reliable solution. We have developed air quality sensors, software and IA solutions to ensure employees health, comply with regulations and save energy.

Our air quality sensors monitor the level of pollutants inside factories and buildings, the collected data is analysed by our AI to automate HVAC system to solve pollution problems and reduce energy consumption

The benefits for Corporate Clients are :

-Reduced emissions of pollutants
-Reduce energy consumption of HVAC
-Reduce carbon footprint
-Improved air quality inside the factory
-Improved worker's health
- Improving productivity