23th September, 10.00 am, CET
Hosted by Chamber of Commerce and Industry Düsseldorf
Do you want to open your start-up to international markets? Do you want to know what to consider when doing business abroad? We prepare you best for it!
We live in a globalized world. So it is obvious that you should look beyond borders and design an international business model upfront. This may raise a lot of questions, e.g. about right strategies, cultural differences, practical implementation of cross-border services and goods deliveries, but also about law and taxes. With our workshop we would like to answer your questions and give you a number of recommendations on how to best prepare for doing business abroad. You will get advice on how to search for international business partners and marketing, on how to draft international contracts, on work and services abroad and on export and import processing.
Our speakers have many years of practical experience in foreign business.
Program / content: 
- Strategies for Internationalization
- Internet Ressources
- International Contracts - Key terms
- Export and Import - Facts you need to know
Robert Butschen is Consultant at the International Business Division of IHK Düsseldorf and the contact person for all business with markets in Europe and Middle East. His fields of activity include the identification of international business partners and trade fairs. His focus countries are Israel and Ukraine.
E-Mail: butschen@duesseldorf.ihk.de  

Katrin Lange is Consultant at the International Business Division of IHK Düsseldorf and the contact person for companies looking for market access in Asia, America and Australia covering questions related to international contract law as well. Her focus countries are Japan, Korea, India and USA. 
E-Mail: lange@duesseldorf.ihk.de 

Savas Poyraz is Consultant at the International Business Division of IHK Düsseldorf in the field of Customs and Foreign Trade Law and advises companies in their import and export activities. His focus of activity is EU Customs Law and Foreign Trade Policies. Furthermore, is he active as a lecturer and writer for Customs and Foreign Trade Law subjects. 
E-Mail: poyraz@duesseldorf.ihk.de
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