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Here you can find a list of startups that are participating this year. Just scroll through the list or select the startups by country and verticals. HINT: This list is preliminary and not final yet. This will be continiously updated.
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Celsia has been nominated by AHK Norwegen. In 2020, the EU published the Taxonomy Regulation, requiring companies to disclose a sustainability score in their reporting. Since then, companies' traditional method of doing a Taxonomy assessment has been using spreadsheets. Starting with the EU Taxonomy, Celsia exists to make sustainability scoring simple, efficient, and accurate. Our vision is to contribute to the green shift by providing a SaaS for customers to score their sustainability and act accordingly. The Celsia-app is based on sustainability requirements for over 150 different economic activities defined by the Taxonomy. The user is guided through each step of a Taxonomy assessment, from structuring in reporting units, choosing activities, screening criteria, adding financial data and documentation. Through on-demand reporting and easy collaboration in the software, companies spare time and costs, avoiding monitoring legislative changes and expensive verification processes.