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It's official! The Start.up! Germany Tour 2022 takes place hybridly from October 23 to 27, 2022!  More detailed information will be announced shortly.

If you are curious what the Start.up! Germany is all about you can watch our official aftermovie of 2021's tour here down below.

Official Aftermovie - Start.up! Germany Tour 2021

What do our startup alumnis say?

Renato gomes
Founder and President at pix force (brazil)
winner of 1st place

“Overall, it was very good. The Start.up! Germany Tour allowed us to do experience more companies from different sectors and that was I think for us the main objective in taking part. It was very positive. When we are talking about the final event in Germany, that was a 10 out of 10. On a personal experience, this was really enriching and for Pix Force from a corporate perspective it was really good. The result was as good as it could get. It was a worthwhile trip. Germany is the place to be. Germany is the hard land. Join Germany and you are everywhere in the world. And I think the tour made this crystal clear in terms of the challenges that exist and also a lot about the success cases that also existed with large companies. And how large companies, the government and the banks are helping out. It was worth every single moment. So, that’s why it is a 10 out of 10.”

Camil Moldoveanu
Co-Founder & CEO at re.flex
winner of 2nd place

“The Start.up! Germany Tour was a nice experience. We already had a lot of experience with these kinds of events. So, I would say that we have enough experience to know if it’s good or bad. The biggest thing what I took from the Start.up! Germany Tour was the Reverse Pitch, I really loved it. I loved this format of reversed pitches and the idea of presenting us the local environment. The Start.up! Germany Tour was really inspiring, and I really felt comfortable with the people around like the organizers, corporates and the other startups. So, it was a nice experience.”

Vitaly Chukanov
CEO at ANT Machines
winner of 3rd place

“It’s a good way for every startup that wants to raise awareness about its product or idea. It’s valuable to take part in the tour because the outcome you get could be more than you count on. For us, it was exactly the reason why we participated. When we had our first pitch, I was impressed by the scale and quality of the tour, the level of the jury. For us, the Start.up! Germany Tour was a great experience in terms of pitching to different audiences. It helped us gain many insights because we received feedback from a large number of different companies and institutions. That was really valuable and relevant for us, a great addition to winning the third place.”

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Interview with Vitaly Chukanov, ANT Machines

ANT Machines develops automated heavy-duty robots for port and yard operations. They address the issues of driver shortage, sustainability, and operational efficiency and are intended to replace conventional terminal trucks to make intralogistics more environmentally friendly and resilient.
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Interview with Maren Petry - AHK Greater China

What role is your AHK playing in the local startup scene? Have there been any changes since the last year of the tour? (increased interest also among smaller firms to become international?) The AHK Greater China has an innovation strategy department with dedicated staff focusing on China-wide innovation projects and events. We support innovation and […]
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Interview with Sharon Masury - AHK Israel

Israel is enjoying an impeccable reputation as one of the start-up friendliest places on the globe. What do you think is Israel’s key to such success? What do you think needs improving? There are several factors that have made Israel’s startup scene so successful. An innovation cycle based on synergies between market opportunities, government support, […]
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Interview with Thilo Schaller - AHK Chile

With Chile as one of the top destinations for startups, most certainly in South America, what is Chile’s secret? And what is the secret for his transformation to a popular destination in Latin America? The Chilean government and the entrepreneurship programs like CORFO and Start-Up-Chile are pushing the startup scene to create economic, social, and […]
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Interview with Silvia Braghini - AHK Italy

In todays interview we had the pleasure to talk with Mrs. Silvia Braghini from AHK Italy. She is Project Manager for Market & Business Development in Milan and shares with us her thoughts about Italian startup landscape and what part the AHK Italy is playinng in this ecosystem.
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The industrial revolution transformed Germany in the late 18th century from a predominately agrarian society into the economic powerhouse in Europe. The seed for this rapid metamorphosis was planted in the coal rich regions of the Ruhr and Rhine, modern North Rhine-Westphalia. Till this day, the landscape of NRW is dominated by its industrial history. Facing ever stiffer competition globally as well as further challenges, NRW is determined to revolutionize and vitalize its industry, actively placing itself at the forefront of technological innovation for industrial solutions.
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The industrialization introduced radical change to the world, its people and to the economy, mostly at the expense of the environment. Germany is no exception to this rule. However, the country is determined to embark on the transition to carbon neutrality till 2045, signaling that economic progress does not have to be at the environments expense. North Rhine-Westphalia, the cradle of Germany’s industrialization is vital to this process. Having greatly benefitted from its natural riches of coal and steel production, NRW has been the engine of Germany’s industrial progress and forms till this day Germany’s industrial core. Confronting its industrial heritage, NRW seeks innovative solutions in greening its economy while maintaining its prosperity.
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Although it is a well-known fact that all roads lead to Rome, it is little known that most of them will eventually passing through North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). As the most populous state in Germany, sharing borders with France, Belgium and the Netherlands and a booming economy, NRW is truly the beating heart of Europe. Located in the center of Europe and equipped with an outstanding infrastructure network, NRW is the prime location to serve a wide range of customers and businesses across the continent. Due to these factors, already 19 out of the 50 top-selling companies are located within the state as well as 9 of the 25 leading logistics firms such as DHL, UPS and FedEx. Hence, making NRW a booming and vital target for the logistics & mobility sector.
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Podcast by AHK Malaysia about Start.up! Germany Tour

Dominik Stute and Nick Neidl, both one of the main organizers of the Start.up! Germany Tour have been invited to the podcast series „Memberbytes” by the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Malaysia) to talk about the Rhine-Ruhr Area and the Start.up! Germany Tour.
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Interview with Krzysztof Mędrala - MedApp S.A.

MedApp S.A. a Polish medtech startup that was founded in Krakow, Poland is now expanding its business to Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia and from there to the DACH region. As a former startup participant of our Start.up! Germany Tour 2021, MedApp took part in the several program parts of the Start.up! Germany Tour like the pre-program, the Inter.national! Startup Contest and has been among the 15 finalists of the Grand Final of the Start.up! Germany Tour 2021 during the main program.
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From November 14th - 17th, 2021, a selected group of brave, enthusiastic and like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world will have the opportunity to explore digitally and visually some of Germany’s most promising hotspots for both startups and “old economy”: North Rhine-Westphalia.

Within Start.up! Germany Tour 2021 you will get to know large corporations, multinational companies and representatives of the "German Mittelstand". Furthermore you will get an insight into the location NRW and its vibrating Rhine-Ruhr region.

We organize for you: reverse pitches, virtual matchmakings, 1to1 meetings and you can apply to pitch your own startup.

In addition, there will be a pre-program where you can learn more about the location NRW, the business culture and practical things for your entry into the German market. And you will get access to a lot of exciting events. 

Be part of it - let's tour digital!
get some Impressions from
our 2019-Tour
Vertical 1: insurtech
Vertical 2: smart City
Vertical 3: Logistics & Mobility
The insurance industry is ripe for innovation and disruption.
Modern technologies have found their way into the insurance sector, and investment in InsurTech startups has soared in recent years.

Whether it’s developing new insurance models or using data from smartphone apps and wearables to dynamically price premiums according to observed behavior - opportunities for startups are boundless.
The City of Tomorrow.
The city of tomorrow is a city characterized by the collection and use of data to manage the demands of its citizens efficiently.

From traffic monitoring and power generation, to water and waste networks and to schools and hospitals, this is our most diverse vertical.
improve the way to move people and things.
For centuries increasing mobility and logistic capabilities have allowed us to travel further and organize the transportation of goods more efficiently. And the possibilities are far from exhausted – there is always another new idea that allows startups to improve the way we move people and things.

Why our Tour?!
Benefits for Startups.

North Rhine-Westphalia as one of the most dynamic Regions in Germany.
NRW has the highest amount of working force and the most innovative companies in Germany. The most driving locations are the Rhine-Ruhr-Area along the cities Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum and Dortmund.
Get new ideas and learn from practical insights.
The tour will give you a deep insight into North Rhine-Westphalian startup ecosystem. You will meet many local startups, incubators and accelerators for practical advice and networking on the tour.
Get in touch with other foreign startups and other AHKs.
Many AHKs come along with their startups to support them. There you can solidify your international business network.
Startups since first tour


a project of IHK NRW (hosted by IHK Ruhr, IHK Cologne, IHK Düsseldorf), AHK and DIHK



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